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Demonstratives - Quiz #1

This is one of many self quizzes that you can do at home.
It is done by typing in the correct demonstrative in the space provided.

Ge'ez keyboard on/off switch.

| (m) masculine | (f) feminine | (s) singular | (pl) plural |

1. This (m) is a dog.
ከልቢ ኢዩ
2. This (f) child cried.
ቆልዓ በክዒ
3. That (m) house is my uncle's house.
ገዛ ኣንዳ ሐውበዒ ኢዩ
4. Those (m) boys are playing with a ball.
አወዳት ኪዕሶ ይጻወቲ አለው
5. These (m) cats ate some meat.
ደማሙ ሰጋ በሊዖም
6. That (f) girl bought some shoes.
ጓል ሳእኒ ገዚእ
7. Those (f) girls have gone to school.
አዋልድ ቤት ትምህርቲ ከይደን
8. These (f) women have gone to a wedding.
አንሰቲ ንመርዒ ከይደን
9. Those (m) cows are eating grass.
አቡዑር ሳዕሪ ይበልዑ አለዉ
10. These (f) girls have gone to a wedding.
አዋልጽ ንመርዓ ከይደን
11. That (m) is my uncle's shop.
ድኳን ናይ ሐውበይ ኢዩ
12. These (m) children are going to school.
ቆልዑ ንትምህርቲ ይከዱ አለዉ
13. Those (f) friends bought a ring.
መሐዙት ካቲም ገዚኤን
14. This (m) is a shoe.
ሳአኒ ኢዩ
15. That (f) butterfly flew away.
ጽምብላሊዕ ነፊራ
16. This (f) cat ate some meat.
ዱሙ ሰጋ በሊዐ