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Subject Pronouns - Quiz #1

This is one of many self quizzes that you can do at home.
It is done by typing in the correct subject pronoun in the space provided.

Ge'ez keyboard on/off switch.

| (m) masculine | (f) feminine | (s) singular | (pl) plural |

1. You (m/s) are wrong.
ኢካ ግጋ ዘለካ
2. You (m/pl) are staying here.
አብዚ ጽንሑ
3. They (m) will bring the CD.
ከምጹኡ እዮም ሲዲ
4. She broke the glass.
ኢያ ሰቢራቶ ነቲ ብኬሪ
5. We will talk about it.
ክን ዛረበሉ ኢና
6. He is my brother-in-law.
እዩ ሰብአይ ሐፍተይ
7. They (f) will follow us.
ክሰዕባና እየን
8. You (f/pl) have finished the job.
ወድኦኦ እቲ ሰራሕ
9. I choose to stay home.
መሪጽ ገዛ ህጽንሕ
10. You (f/s) go with me.
ምሳይ ንዒ
11. We will start it.
ክንጅምሮ ኢና
12. Why doesn't she answer?
13. You (f/s) tell them.
14. They (m) will help you to build the house.
ክሕጉዝካ ኢዮም ገዛ ምሰራሕ
15. He bought a car.
መኪና ገዚኡ
16. I'm the sick one.
እየ ሓሚመ ዘለኹ