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    ኣሎ - to be (present)

    The verb ኣሎ is to be used when you are describing the location a person or object. This is different from the last verb you learned (ኢዩ) which is used for describing a person or object. In English both meanings are conveyed with the single verb: 'to Be,' while in tigrigna there are two seperate verbs for these two seperate meanings. This verb is (like all Tigrigna verbs are) divided by person, number and gender.

    Singular Plural
    3rd ኣሎ he is ኣለዉ they are
    ኣላ she is ኣለዋ they are (f)
    2nd ኣሎኻ you are (m) ኣሎኹም you are
    ኣሎኺ you are (f) ኣሎኽን you are (f)
    1st ኣሎኹ I am ኣሎና we are

    Here are some Tigrigna examples of the verb ኣሎ with their English translations (the verbs are underlined in each one):

    ትግርኛ Transliteration Translation
    a) "መስፈን ኣበይ ኣሎ" a) "Mesfin where is" a) "Where is Mesfin?"
    b) "ኣልማዝ ኣበይ ኣላ" b) "Almaz where is" b) "Where is Almaz?"
    c) "ኣበይ ትከይጽ ኣሎኻ" c) "Where going are you" c) "Where are you going?"
    d) "ኣበይ ኣሎኺ" d) "Where are you" d) "Where are you?"
    e) "ናብ ቤተ ትምህርቲ ይከይጽ ኣሎኹ" e) "to school going I am" e) "I am going to school"
    f) "ቲቪ ይርእዩ ኣለዉ" f) "TV watching they are" f) "They are watchig TV"
    g) "መርዓ ይከጻ ኣለዋ" g) "wedding going to they are" g) "They are going to a wedding"
    h) "እንታይ ትገብሩ ኣሎኹም" h) "what doing are you" h) "What are you doing?"
    i) "ኣብ ገዛ'ዶ ኣሎኽን " i) "at home are you" i) "Are you at home?"
    j) "ምሳሕ ንበልዕ ኣሎና" j) "lunch for eating are we" j) "We are eating lunch."