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The verb ኣሎ - Quiz #1

This is one of many self quizzes that you can do at home.
It is done by typing in the correct conjugation of the verb ኣሎ in the space provided.

Ge'ez keyboard on/off switch.

| (m) masculine | (f) feminine | (s) singular | (pl) plural |

1. Where are you (m/pl) moving?
ናበይ ትግዕዙ
2. Are you (m/s) painting the house?
ገዛ'ዶ ትለምጽ
3. They are (f) cooking.
ጸብሒ ይሰርሓ
4. What are you (f/s) doing?
እንታይ ትግብሪ
5. We are eating.
6. What are you (m/s) doing?
ኤንታይ ትገብች
7. Are you (m/pl) at home?
አብ ገዛ'ዶ
8. They are (f) going to the wedding.
ናብ መርዓ ይከዳ
9. She is giving the baby a bath.
ቆለዓ ትሐጽብ
10. Are you (f/pl) going to your friend's house?
ናብ እንዳ መሓዛክን ትከዳ
11. They are (m) preparing to leave for the wedding.
ንመርዓ ክከድ ይዳአው
12. Where is Saba?
ሳባ አበይ
13. Are you (f/pl) studying?
14. Where are you (f/s) going?
ናብይ ትከዲ
15. He is eating his lunch.
ምሳሕ ይበለዕ
16. They are (m) going to school.
ናብ ቤት ትምህርቲ ይከዱ
17. I am helping my mother.
ነደይ ይሕግዛ
18. We are swimming.
ንሕም ብሰ
19. I'm cleaning the house.
ገዛ ይጽርግ
20. Mussie is playing ball.
ሙሴ ኩዕሶ ይጻወት