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This is one of many self quizzes that you can do at home. This quiz has 15 questions and is multiple choice.

Colours Quiz #1

    #1: What is this colour?
    a. ጻዕዳ b. ሕሙኽሽታይ c. ቀይሕ d. ጸሊም

    #2: The colour 'Grey' in Tigrigna is?
    a. ሰማያዊ b. ጻዕዳ c. ቢጫ d. ሕሙኽሽታይ

    #3: ኣራንቺ, Identify this colour.
    a. Orange b. Pink c. Green d. Blue

    #4: ቡናዊ, Identify this colour.
    a. b. c. d.

    #5: What is the name of the 'Red Sea' in Tigrigna?
    a. ቀይሕ ባሕሪ b. ጻዕዳ ባሕሪ c. ሊላ ባሕሪ d. ሰማያዊ ባሕሪ

    #6: Which word is 'White' in Tigrigna?
    a. ቢጫ b. ጻዕዳ c. ሰማያዊ d. ቀጠልያ

    #7: What is this colour?
    a. ኣራንቺ b. ሊላ c. ቀጠልያ d. ቡናዊ

    #8: What is this colour? ሰማያዊ
    a. b. Pink c. d. Black

    #9: What is this colour? ሮዛ
    a. White b. c. Pink d. Red

    #10: ቀጠልያ, Identify this colour.
    a. Black b. Green c. Polka dot d. Brown

    #11: Bananas are what colour?
    a. ሊላ b. ጻዕዳ c. ሕሙኽሽታይ d. ቢጫ

    #12: Identify this colour in Tigrigna.
    a. ሰማያዊ b. ሊላ c. ቡናዊ d. ቢጫ

    #13: The sky is what colour?
    a. ሰማያዊ b. ሊላ c. ጻዕዳ d. ቢጫ

    #14: What is this colour? ሕሙኽሽታይ
    a. Green b. Yellow c. Brown d. Grey

    #15: What is this colour? ቀይሕ
    a. b. Red c. Blue d.