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This is one of many self quizzes that you can do at home.
Just click on the right button to answer the question. The first one is already done for you.

Family Quiz #1

    #1: You are Alem, who is your ቈልዓ?
    a. Merah b. Lily c. Almaz d. Helen

    #2: Elias' ኣቦሓጎ is?
    a. Yemane b. Mesfin c. Alem d. Negash

    #3: Dawit and Sara are?
    a. ሓዊ and ሓብቲ b. ሰብኣይ and ሰበይቲ
    c. ኣኮ and ሓትነ d. ኣቦ and ኣደ

    #4: Yemane is ____ to Sara.
    a. ወዲ ኣኮ b. ወዲ ሓወቦ c. ጓል ኣሞ d. ወዲ ኣሞ

    #5: Tsegay is ____ to Mesfin.
    a. ኣኮ b. ኣሞ c. ዓባይ d. ሓትነ

    #6: Who is Mekonen's ወዲ?
    a. Helen b. Beniam c. Mesfin d. Awet

    #7: Yemane is Wegahta's...
    a. ኣሞ b. ሓወቦ c. ኣኮ d. ሓትነ

    #8: Alganesh is Alem's...
    a. ዓባይ b. ኣደ c. ጓል d. ሓብቲ

    #9: Awet is Wegahta's...
    a. ሰብኣይ b. ወዲ ኣኮ c. ወዲ ሓብቲ d. ጓል ሓዊ

    #10: Who is Mesfin's ጓል ሓዊ?
    a. Mussie b. Yohana c. Wegahta d. Almaz

    #11: You are Mariam, your ጓል ወዲ is?
    a. Alganesh b. Yohana c. Almaz d. Lily

    #12: Tsigerada and Helen are?
    a. ጓል and ኣደ b. ሓብቲ and ሓዊ
    c. ሓትነ and ኣቦ d. ኣደ and ጓል

    #13: Two people are a ኣቦሓጎ and a ዓባይ to Lily?
    a. Mekonen and Mariam b. Mekonen and Negash
    c. Mariam and Weldab d. Helen and Alem

    #14: Who is Awet's ኣደ
    a. Negash b. Mesfin c. Yemane d. Almaz

    #15: Wegahta is Tsigerada's...
    a. ጓል ጓል ጓል b. ወዲ ወዲ ወዲ
    c. ጓል ወዲ ጓል d. ወዲ ጓል ወዲ