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This is one of many self quizzes that you can do at home.
This quiz is done by matching the correct English word with the correct Tigrigna word. The first one is already done for you.

Food Quiz #1

a. ቱፉህ b. ወይኒ Banana
c. ባናና d. ጉዕ Tomato
e. ፉል f. በርበረ Watermelon
h. ለሚን g. ባኒ Apple
i. ጠስሚ j. ሽጉርቲ Garlic
k. ካዉሎ ካፑቺ l. ኣራንቺ Onion
m. ካሮት n. ዓይኒዓተር Rice
o. ፎርማጆ p. ድንሽ Cheese
q. ኣንቋቝሖ r. ዱባ Butter
s. ፍሩታ t. ራይስ Hot pepper
u. ጻዕዳ ሽጉርቲ v. ጨዉ Potato
w. ኮሚደሮ x. ብርጭቕ Eggs